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First Stop!

Let’s clear the air. Over 95% of blogs are abandoned.

How’s that to start off an introductory post? Get the realist statistic out of the way first. If I quit, well, I called it. If I don’t quit, then hey, I beat the odds!

So, why the heck am I blogging anyway?

I’ve been feeling more and more compelled to write lately. It used to be something that I loved to do and would like to get better at. Free time is something that I definitely don’t have an abundance of, but I do have an abundance of thoughts and experiences that I’d like to share with someone other than my private Google Docs folder.

Now with that said, here’s a bit about me. I’ll just start throwing out adjectives – chemist, athlete, dodgeball enthusiast, photographer, relationship anarchist. I’m also going to use a term that I have blatantly stolen from my girlfriend (love you ❤). I’m an experience collector. Not like EXP (nerd), but life experiences.

Here you’ll find everything from dodgeball to my favourite TV shows to musings of self discovery.

All aboard the Fun Bus!





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Chemist by day, dodgeballer and photographer by night. Relationship anarchist and passionate Earper.

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