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Event Recap: Dodgeball Edmonton Fall Classic

With fall comes dodgeball.

Last weekend was Dodgeball Edmonton’s first ever draft tournament – Hosted at the Abbotsfield Rec Center. In this draft style tournament players all sign up individually then are ranked via online survey and assigned a team by a fancy computer algorithm. This resulted in 7 teams all assigned a team color. I was on Team Green, one of the only colors that I really don’t have in my wardrobe.

Showdown on the wing

Being part of the dodgeball community for over 10 years, I will say it was nice to see some new blood at this tournament. I can’t speak for the other veteran players, but dammit, I’m starting to feel a little creaky after these events. All of these new fresh faces will keep the league rolling and it’s always wonderful to have new enthusiastic talent to play with and compete against.


As with most dodgeball events in Edmonton, I’m usually running around doing the photography in between my games. On top of this we decided to set up a photo booth, which thankfully once going, didn’t add too much extra work during the day. It did however, add a fair bit of entertainment to post processing!

Hands down my favourite surprise from the photo booth

It can be a challenge to shift focus between playing and photographing. To be honest, I did well enough for the first half of the day taking around 400 shots. After lunch though, I was seduced by hard iced tea and I left my camera in the bag for the remainder of the event.

Until this day I have never mixed booze and sports. I already have a high rate of injury. I am the person that will roll their ankle in flats and trip over nothing. But, I realized I was being a bit of a grump on the court (not unusual) and figured, yes, two drinks would make things much better.

Did they? Hard to say. What I did notice was an increase in volume and a decrease in court awareness. We did win that game which secured our place in the playoffs soooo….


Semi finals were a close fought match with Team Green moving on to face Team White in the finals. We had a very tough loss to Team White in the round robin, but they weren’t going to take victory for granted. The first half finished off with Team White ahead by a few points. We managed to battle back and with enough time for one game, we tied it up.

Bring on the tiebreaker game!

We slowly traded off players with an impressive series of hits and catches until it was one on one. It was back and forth trying for the hit but also trying to avoid throwing a catch. It ended with Team White scoring the final hit and securing the championship. Close exciting finals, while anxiety inducing are my absolute favourite.

With that the First Annual Fall Classic Draft Tournament came to an end, though the party certainly continued on after.


  • Beer gardens
  • New faces
  • A dramatic final
  • Going through the results of the photo booth


Stay on the fun bus for the next tournament recap: Winnipeg GO! Epic dodgeball tournament November 18, 2017.


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