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A Space for Hands

Here begins a new project, born out of a combination of television obsession and a renewed focus on art as I shift away from athletic pursuits. I have this blog space that is woefully underused (creative writing is not my forte) so I am going to fill it up with art.

Starting with hands.

Hands are emotive and expressive and can display so much feeling. Holding hands is such a simple, intimate act. Yet, there are people who can’t do this small thing in public. For fear of being called out, fear of being objectified, fear of being attacked, or in some countries, fear of being arrested.

My goal here is to create a queer-normative space featuring a study of hands. Hands can hold hands without fear or judgement here.

It made sense to me to start with a piece of Wynonna Earp fan art (I’m not obsessed, you’re obsessed). I hadn’t done fan art since back in my X-Files days. The Earper fandom reignited my passion for art. It was a perfect storm of finding a show that I love with wonderfully positive LGBTQ+ representation and an incredible fandom that is creative, supportive, and inspiring. From there I started drawing again. Markers have lead into an interest in watercolor and a whole list of new goals and challenges. One of those being hands. I struggle at times with hands so it is the prefect subject of focus.



In this particular scene, there is a sense of longing. A touch of hands that lingers between two women who are destined to be together. The moment is fleeting, but the touch carries so much weight. It calls back to an era in television where showing two women kissing was unheard of, so all we had were small touches and gestures piled under heaps of subtext.

I have plans for more paintings from iconic queer ships as well as originals. Hopefully project is going to keep me inspired for a while. It comes down to creating the content you want to see in the world – in the mainstream world where queer identities are erased or forgotten. Yes, it is getting better, but that’s because more people are creating and I want to be a creator.


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Chemist by day, dodgeballer and photographer by night. Relationship anarchist and passionate Earper.

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